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Education is key when it comes to taking power over your own health and wellness. I look at the role movement can play in your health, wellness and recovery to full and optimal function. The articles are not meant to take the place of medical advice and should not be used as such.

Teaching Movement Skills to Active Agers Using the Zenler Platform

Jun 24, 2024 |

Active Aging, Balance and Gait Skills, and Movement Education to Navigate Your Golden Years

As a 64 year old, my interest in movement pertains specifically to women in a similar age group; which is typically the time of life when your previous life choices start to catch up to you! Maybe you are approaching retirement, or have grandchildren, or finally have the time to travel or take up a sport, but you are experiencing physical limitations. Teaching people how to improve their function has become something I feel strongly about.

Become an Active Ager!

I teach Restorative Exercise to primarily women aged 50-70+ in an online class membership, with a variety courses, and in regular workshops. I do all this on a learning management system (LMS) called Zenler. I was teaching live classes locally but the 2020 Pandemic had me scrambling to find an online solution to a suddenly empty classroom! After a few false starts, a colleague suggested Zenler, and because it’s in beta, the price point was perfect for a small business like mine starting up online. With no tech training or background, I was able to replicate (and eventually replace) my Wordpress site and my blog on Zenler. As well, I now:

  • run many courses for purchase and for free
  • build sales pages for those courses using Zenler templates
  • teach live classes three times a week which are recorded and saved
  • host the recordings on Zenler for a movement membership option with tiered levels
  • hold regular 2-3 hour workshops on a variety of topics for my clients and the public
  • send newsletters and client emails through the built in email system and with (optional) integrated tools
  • create funnels to offer free content to gather leads
  • stay in touch, answer questions, and drop helpful links using the built in community feature

Build Your Movement Community!

I know many Yoga and Pilates teachers who use other LMS and pay an arm and a leg and get less value than Zenler with its current beta price. You can sign up for a free account to check it out before it officially launches and get the Pro account at a grandfathered price forever! I love to spread the word, because you can do all you need to do and then some! Zenler can help your business with their marketing email system, funnel templates, media storage, community feature, with a full tutorial site and Youtube channel to learn how to use all the functions. Zenler even offers free live training and workshops on marketing and course creation (on their own platform), so you can get extra help and build your entrepreneurial skills. It really has changed the way I do business and I now teach all over the world by bringing Restorative Exercise right into your home!

Some of the other benefits that my work offers include:

  • gait training (walking well)
  • movement solutions to many common complaints such as pelvic floor issues, sore shoulders and knees
  • improvement in balance skills
  • stronger and more functional feet
  • body awareness and confidence in your abilities
  • regular movement for all your body’s parts
  • education in how your body works
  • options to conventional medical or surgical solutions
  • lifestyle tips for moving more all day every day.

So you see, with such important work now available online, more people can benefit from my expertise in the comfort and convenience of home and I can spread the joy of movement worldwide with the help of Zenler. 

If you have a skill to share and wish to develop an online course site, or maybe you are a movement teacher who wants to develop a membership, Zenler might be the key to your success. Open a free account and try it out!