Carol Robbins

Movement, Restorative Exercise, Kinesthetic Anatomy


You have arrived at the home of Alignment REScue studio - RES for Restorative Exercise Specialist. RES are movement teachers who take things like biomechanics, loads, adaptation and mechanotransduction into consideration.

Carol is a “Dynamic Ager” - at 61 years of age, she knows how to approach movement and wellness for the long run.
“My goal as a movement teacher is to make you feel better, function optimally and move all your parts more often and longer. I’m not a strength and conditioning coach or a fitness instructor. My approach is to support you in all ways, including lifestyle changes, not just when you are on the mat.”  

On this site you can take courses and read support material in the blog section. Coming soon is a membership site that will be your home for live classes and workshops. Carol has taught movement to people for over 20 years, and movement to horses before that. At times an office worker, home-maker, mother, home-schooler, Pilates and Yoga teacher, she now devotes all of her time to the pursuit of nutritious movement, anatomy and ageing well. To learn more about Carol click the About tab above.




Classes in Restorative Exercise,
corrective, functional, natural movement.
Online membership coming soon!

Workshops that address your needs
with topics from feet to shoulders.
Workshops are live online.

Courses for the movement professional, serious student, and curious movers. Take control of your health and wellness goals.

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