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Hi! I'm Carol Robbins, Restorative Exercise Specialist and dynamic ager. I work with you to restore movement, maintain mobility, acquire movement skills for living, reduce pain, and foster a lifelong love of movement. Through my online courses and classes, you will develop deep appreciation and gratitude for your body, learn how to move more of you, and be inspired to move more often. Beyond the mat, you will be supported through lifestyle changes and advice to help create a more active environment in which to live your golden years.
Movement for life!

8 Exercises with a Half Dome

I have a special gift for you! Enjoy a complimentary guide on how to effectively incorporate 8 exercises using a half dome. Not only is a half dome affordable, but it is also lightweight and convenient for easy transportation. These exercises are specifically designed to target major body parts that often remain inactive due to our usual positions. Whether you're in the office or simply find yourself spending excessive amounts of time in a chair, this guide is perfect for you. Get ready to experience the benefits of incorporating these exercises into your routine!

Move Your DNA with me in Toronto!

March 16/17 - 2024

Carol Robbins - Nutritious Movementâ„¢certified Move Your DNA instructor
Visit Nutritious Movement for more information and registration.

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Active Aging - Movement for Life

You are a vital woman aged 50+ who leads or would like to lead a dynamic and active lifestyle! The Active Aging course is coming Spring '24. I will help you develop the tools and skills necessary to age well, sustainably and functionally, through many of life's challenges.

After completing the course, you may choose to join my class Membership program to receive ongoing support and education and the experience to reach your movement goals.

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Online Restorative Exercise Classroom

Introducing the Foundations Level Membership, now available! With this membership, you'll have unlimited access to over 80 full-length classes (with more added weekly) taught by Restorative Exercise Specialist Carol Robbins. Whether you're just starting your restorative exercise journey or looking to refine your movement skills, this month-to-month membership is perfect for you.

These introductory-level Restorative Exercise classes are designed to help you move your body and its individual parts more effectively. Combining biomechanics, kinesiology, and natural movements such as gait, these exercises will awaken inactive areas of your body and improve your daily activities. Whether you're new to exercise or already active, these classes will teach you how to move efficiently and become a more efficient mover. Don't miss out on building a strong foundation for sustainable living, moving and aging. Click below to be taken to the membership site where you can learn more about this opportunity.

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