Carol Robbins

Movement, Restorative Exercise, Kinesthetic Anatomy


Classes in Restorative Exercise, corrective, functional and natural movement.
Summer Schedule:  
Alignment REScue Tues/Fri 9:30am ET $80 per month for all classes includes recording.
Open classes every month  on Core to Coeur, an online teaching platform. Visit the Core to Coeur studio here.


Courses in corrective movement for the movement professional, serious student, and all curious movers. If you are interested in learning more about how your body works and how movement differs from traditional exercise and fitness models you will enjoy this material. Take matters into your own hands and be proactive about your wellness goals.


Small class sizes and workshops to address your needs. Classes and workshops are a boutique experience.
Be a part of this welcoming, non-judgemental community. Receive feedback from a senior teacher, join a tribe of movers like you. Specialising in Dynamic Agers but everyone welcome!