Transition to Minimal Shoes

Prepare your feet to move as nature intended

Explore the ultimate capacity of your feet with this mindful approach that ensures a positive experience with barefoot shoes.

About the course

Are you looking to address existing foot issues or improve your overall function? You are in the right place! Transitioning out of conventional footwear and into minimal shoes is a process. Your feet are essential to your overall health, and a mindful approach to wearing minimal shoes can lead to a positive experience.

I'm Carol Robbins, and I have seen firsthand the amazing results of foot training. Prioritizing foot health and function has been the key to success for my clients - I have personally dealt with issues like bunions, neuromas, hammertoes, and even broken foot and ankle bones. Today, I enjoy healthy and minimally shod feet. By joining this course, you can also experience the numerous benefits of wearing minimal shoes.

The course consists of 13 lessons and 17 video taped exercises. In total, there is over 1.5 hours of video content. Additionally, you will receive an exercise plan that can be printed out to monitor your progress and maintain motivation.

“I am completely surprised at the failure of the barefoot/minimal-footwear community to regularly produce physiological guidelines on how to transition out of conventional footwear - as though the tissues in our feet were somehow different from those found in the rest of our bodies when it comes to adaptation.”

Katy Bowman - Move Your DNA

Feel the ground under your feet, learn how your joints can accommodate a variety of surfaces. Move the toes in many ways and have strong robust feet that you can count on.

Discover how to properly prepare your feet for a more natural experience, similar to the freedom of movement provided by minimal/barefoot shoes.

Assess your current foot capacity using evaluations to determine mobility and strength. Create strong feet that can support you in reaching any destination you desire!

What do you want to know?

I have (plantar fasciitis/heel pain/toe pain/bunions)...can I take the course?

Movement and exercise are important factors in addressing foot pain. Modifications are offered. It is crucial to avoid activities that cause more discomfort than your initial pain and to always listen to your body's signals. Personally, I have successfully tackled various foot issues through consistent physical activity and movement. The choice is yours.

I already go barefoot around the house. Do I still need this course?

In short, yes, it will be beneficial for you. In your home, you likely spend more time sitting than walking, and the surfaces are flat and predictable. In contrast, outdoor terrain offers more challenges for your feet and requires movement over longer periods of time.

I got hurt wearing minimal shoes.
Will this course help?

Even if you are physically fit, it is possible to have weak feet. Many individuals tend to neglect their foot strength compared to other parts of their body. Injuries often happen because the feet are not adequately prepared for the demands placed on them, rather than being a result of improper footwear.

How long do I get access to this material and where do I find it?

The course can be watched an unlimited number of times with lifetime access, all on this website. After purchase, you will have continuous access to the material at your convenience. The course can be either watched in its entirety or in smaller segments at your own pace. The videos are concise, straightforward, and easy to understand.

Don't wait until your feet hurt to improve their function. Start now!

I am thrilled for you to begin your journey towards healthy and active feet!

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