Dynamic Ageing 5-day Challenge

Five Challenges + Five Lectures on the challenges of ageing in an anti-ageing society

Course Summary

How we think about ageing actually influences our ageing process. Assess your function, flexibility, strength and balance with physical challenges, followed by lectures on what your results mean and how you can improve, including mindset.

This course initially took place live on September 20-24, 2021 as part of an online challenge. Participants recorded their thoughts, feelings, feedback and test results in a group and we met each day to discuss. The recordings here are edited versions (removing mainly names of participants to protect their privacy). There are physical assessments and lectures but no “movement class” materials in this course.  Although the original course took place over five successive days, this is the course in its entirety and you can go through it at your own speed.

Course Curriculum

Carol Robbins

I am Nutritious Movement™ certified as a Restorative Exercise Specialist (RES). I've been teaching functional movement for more than 24 years, "RE" for the past 12. I'm a Dynamic Ager (b.1960) and mother of two. I am passionate about how we work including ongoing studies in anatomy, biomechanics, kinematics, movement and pain science. I believe we require specific types and amounts of movement nutrients in order to optimise function including a robust walking practice, squatting, and getting up and down from the ground. I will meet you where you are to help maximise your movement potential and reap the benefits of a movement rich life.

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