Restorative Exercise

Wondering what a Restorative Exercise class looks like?
We are all products of our environment, and our daily movements are mainly shaped by our environment and our habits. But you don't have to ditch your comfy life to get the benefits of moving better.

In Carol's classes, we explore how our brains make us move efficiently by sticking to habitual patterns. When we begin to increase variability, our bodies may initially react to the unfamiliar with tension and discomfort. However, with practice, we create new movement and neural pathways, get more parts involved, and boost our health at a cellular level.

Our sedentary lifestyle set us up for under-using our parts. In class, we go through all sorts of movements, from simple arm raises to walking, to assess if we're defaulting to patterns that may result in an over-use situation. Both over-use and under-use injury looks the same - the goal is to increase variability so the body has choices for every situation and you are using more of your parts across a broader spectrum, sparing those overused parts from fatigue and injury and the underused parts from atrophy (weakness).

The goal is to find muscle balance, restore joint flexibility, and establish new strategies that make our bodies happier. You'll see a mix of movement influences in class, all focused on making your body work better. And don't worry if you're new to a movement practice. Carol, a seasoned 63 year old dynamic ager, will help you with strength, flexibility, and balance. She's got your back, whether you need to modify the exercises, use props, or scale exercises to make them work for you. With 23+ years of experience, and a background just like yours, she gets you! 

Restorative Exercise class
"One of the things I love about your classes is the way you get us to do familiar moves and then add a new twist so we can tap into new parts of our bodies in a way we can distinguish the difference."
Class participant
"...I'm always amazed at how seamlessly you incorporate aspects of the body to create a cohesive class. Your classes are the highlight of my week and the only time I seem to be able to unwind."
Class participant
"As a teacher myself, I admire your calm and organized delivery and wealth of knowledge. Every class gives me some little nugget of knowledge that is enlightening."
Movement teacher