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Articles on Movement

Carol Robbins | Dec 31, 2023

Stress is something that affects us all, and movement is one way to build resources to manage the stresses of every day life.

Carol Robbins | Nov 29, 2023

Tips and Exercises that I found helpful for challenging hiking

Carol Robbins | Nov 08, 2023

Active agers maintain mobility throughout their golden years. How can you restore and maintain movement skills and become a dynamic ager?

Carol Robbins | Sep 11, 2023

Is walking with the feet pointing out something that needs to be corrected? We look at the relative merits of different foot positions.

Carol Robbins | Apr 26, 2023

Do flat feet really need orthotics? You can restore your foot mechanics to decrease your need for supplemental arch support.

Carol Robbins | Mar 18, 2023

We are used to comfort in our beds and chairs - but is that serving us as much as we believe? Learn the benefits of living furniture free.

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