Energize the Hips

Movement Sequences for Individual Hip Muscles

Course Summary

This course include three full length classes to learn the action sequences dedicated to each individual hip muscle. Also included is a PDF download and short individual videos of each sequence.

These movements are designed to warm up and energize each hip muscle, taking it from its most elongated to its most shortened position. You will experience the movements of the bones (osteokinematics) and the joint (arthrokinematics) in all three planes of movement, enhancing strength, flexibility, coordination and control.

While anyone can do these sequences, the detail and anatomical language used in the course will appeal particularly to teachers and serious students of movement.

Restorative Exercise Specialists: this course is worth 3 Continuing Education Credits.

Course Curriculum

Carol Robbins

I am Nutritious Movement™ certified as a Restorative Exercise Specialist (RES). I've been teaching functional movement for more than 22 years, including Pilates, Yoga and RE. I'm a Dynamic Ager (b.1960) and mother of two wonderful people. I am passionate about how we work including ongoing studies in anatomy and biomechanics. I believe humans require specific types and amounts of movement nutrients in order to optimise function including a robust walking practice, squatting, and getting up and down from the ground. I'm happy to meet you where you are to help you maximise your movement potential and reap the benefits of a movement rich life.


Pilates Teacher

Dear Carol, I have just been cross country skiing with your hip lessons in my body. AMAZING! Thank you for your insights, thank you for making me feel, understand, find hip muscles ❤️


Pilates Teacher

I love attending Carol’s online classes & courses as she is such a creative & knowledgeable teacher. The hip series didn’t disappoint. As well as adding to my knowledge of hip anatomy, it was particularly useful in helping me to noticeably improve my range of hip mobility. I would highly recommend this effective & enjoyable course.

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