Walking Challenge

One month prep for a walking challenge of your choosing with gait exercises and 4 full length gait related classes.

Course Summary

Increase your mileage over a month of classes, with guidance and gait tips from Restorative Exercise Specialist Carol Robbins.

If you currently walk a specific amount but would like a good plan to increase your mileage, with a view to hiking or urban hiking a long walk by the end of the month (5, 10 or 20 miles), this course will motivate and help you with gait related tips and classes to guide, plan, prepare and recover.  There is no pressure to walk a long distance or any specific amount daily or monthly. You are in charge of your specific needs and can set the challenge that is appropriate for you. Previous participants’ had goals such as: walk every day, take several short walks per day instead of one long one, walk with more awareness, walk with less discomfort.

You'll get an email every week with that week's challenges, tips and full length (one hour) Gait Related Restorative Exercise class. There is a total of 5 hours of video content including 4 full length classes, and shorter clips of gait related exercises filmed separately for each week's challenge/theme.

Course Curriculum

Carol Robbins

I am Nutritious Movement™ certified as a Restorative Exercise Specialist (RES). I've been teaching functional movement for more than 24 years, "RE" for the past 12. I'm a Dynamic Ager (b.1960) and mother of two. I am passionate about how we work including ongoing studies in anatomy, biomechanics, kinematics, movement and pain science. I believe we require specific types and amounts of movement nutrients in order to optimise function including a robust walking practice, squatting, and getting up and down from the ground. I will meet you where you are to help maximise your movement potential and reap the benefits of a movement rich life.

Now I'm into "stress walking" - instead of sitting down when I'm feeling stress I get my shoes on and walk right out the door! Rain or shine! This is what I've learned from the Walking Challenge! A tremendous shift for me. So grateful. 

I'm loving this walking challenge. I find the pace you move at so pleasing. The exercises are broken into digestible chunks. Then when you circle around to add new details, I can pay attention to them with new understanding and awareness.

I thought I had a pretty good understanding of these exercises, …Carol, your explanation and attention to details are GOLDEN! Thank you for this stimulating (mental and physical) challenge.

Something about your Gait class "re-worked" something in that toe/joint/foot. I went for a massage a week later and my LMT couldn't get over the difference there. (A chronically blocked/tight area for me.)

Please remember that movement classes online are done at your own risk and you should be cleared for exercise by your GP and health team if you have any underlying conditions. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about taking part in this or any of my classes/courses. By paying for this course, you absolve Carol Robbins and Alignment REScue from any responsibility for illness or injury arising from attending, viewing and/or participating in this course.

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Walking Challenge

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